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Father’s Day Special! Don’t Read Till After…

Father’s Day Special!

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Don’t Read till After…: Julie’s Lover by Ena Howds

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a hot girl-on-girl hotel fling?
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Origins of Don’t Read Till After…

By Tracci

When I was in boot camp we weren’t allowed phones, text messages or even email. Only traditional letters were allowed once a week. One night feeling needy and horny I wrote Ena a letter; near the end of the letter I wrote one sentence across the page.

“Don’t Read Till After…” Implying not to read until after she was alone and could enjoy it fully.

Then I wrote a few naughty lines of what I wanted to do to her. Knowing it would be weeks until I really could.

They weren’t anything poetic or grand but they were a start.

Ena and I had only been married a few months before I went into the Military. Before getting married we had only met a year before while in college.  We knew we wanted to be together, we just hadn’t known anything about each other. A week later I received Ena’s return letter and sure enough buried inside the pages was a reply “Don’t Read Till After…”. Years later I couldn’t tell you which was the first I read but each week I’d get a new story each naughtier and longer then the last, now I have stacks of letters hidden away in a shoe box. What was most interesting was it started an open communication of desire between us.

Unlike the constant fear when you say something to someone’s face they might reject your idea as gross or disturbing or worse. Writing allowed us to express our darker desires that we were possibly ashamed of while allowing us to discuss them. Bondage, anal sex, group sex, and much more.. each a taboo in their own might have taken years of marriage to allow us to even open up about, instead we covered them in the first few months of marriage. Which in turn allowed us to experiment when we were together next. And experiment, and experiment….

For years we talked about publishing our Don’t Read Till After… series planning to make them into real books and share.  When we discovered Kindle Direct Publish we found our chance. As I write this we have 8 stories published and a dozen more being edited. All in hope that one day we could help at least one couple to honestly and openly communicate about their own desires.