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We are an open married couple living ordinary lives. We have ventured into writing short erotica and publishing them on Amazon. Check us out at Don't Read Till After...

I’m back! (And hopefully not as crabby)

So about a year ago my husband and I decided to uproot ourselves. Tracci took a job closer to family and in two weeks we were all packed, moving our things into storage, and living with relatives until we figured out housing. Fast forwards till now and we are still looking. To say I’m fruatrated with the situation is an understatement.

I have been trying to reflect on the past year as a learning experience about myself and I don’t particularly like what I see. I have been selfish, crabby, not present, and at times down right bitchy.

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Father’s Day Special! Don’t Read Till After…

Father’s Day Special!

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Feeling Sexy

I prioritize feeling sexy. Yes, you read that right. Our daily lives are filled with obligations, deadlines, stress, and hopefully some downtime to relax. I realized early on in our marriage that I had to make an effort to make time to be sexy. Now I don’t schedule a certain time during the day and I’m not necessarily talking about masturbation, although that would work. What I’m talking about is taking the time to feel good about myself in a sexual way.


Sometimes it is as simple as dressing for the day. A little bit of make-up and a great outfit even though I’m just running to the store. I love to clean the house in a t-shirt and panties. If Tracci comes home to a clean house and me baking cookies in next to nothing, lets just say it makes both of us happy.

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No More Intentions!

My intention is to post twice a week. Well intentions mean crap.  It ultimately means I thought about doing that but it wasn’t important enough. I am sorry my followers. I however, think you will get over your disappointment and survive a whole week without my witty opinion.


While you may forgive me for letting life get in the way of my blog, there are many things in life which need to be made a priority. I have been reflecting on my growth as an individual and how I have changed my priorities over the year.

In my younger days, I was a total goodie two shoes. Never in trouble, always had my homework done on time, and basically a self centered know it all. I stayed this way through college. It wasn’t until I met my husband that all of that changed.

The first time I skipped a class was because we were laying naked after some hot dorm room sex and I couldn’t pass up round two. I half assed a final paper so we could go eat some nasty greasy delicious gyros. Suddenly it was more important to be with him. Continue reading No More Intentions!

People Watching


Tracci and I are people watchers. Anytime we are out in public we look for interesting and attractive people to point out to each other. Cute mom in a flowy summer dress and large sunglasses, hot college girl in way too tight jean shorts, or Tracci’s favorite, the dirty MILF all dressed up and ready to go. Every once in a while we come across I can’t believe they went out of the house in that. Zebra skinny jeans and a print shirt doesn’t really work for anyone. Continue reading People Watching