Feeling Sexy

I prioritize feeling sexy. Yes, you read that right. Our daily lives are filled with obligations, deadlines, stress, and hopefully some downtime to relax. I realized early on in our marriage that I had to make an effort to make time to be sexy. Now I don’t schedule a certain time during the day and I’m not necessarily talking about masturbation, although that would work. What I’m talking about is taking the time to feel good about myself in a sexual way.


Sometimes it is as simple as dressing for the day. A little bit of make-up and a great outfit even though I’m just running to the store. I love to clean the house in a t-shirt and panties. If Tracci comes home to a clean house and me baking cookies in next to nothing, lets just say it makes both of us happy.

Another way I keep feeling sexy is staying fit. That being said, I do not have my ideal body but I’m working towards it. I don’t feel sexy doing push-ups or sprints but when I finish a good hard workout I feel invincible. I try to embrace the body I do have. Working out allows me to be optimistic and less self conscious of my so called problem areas. Knowing I have the endurance to keep up with most people in the bedroom doesn’t hurt.

I love being flirty with my husband. I will tease him and myself throughout the day with little intimate touches. A innocent hug turned into a little innocent grope. Oops food fell on my boobs again. Better wipe that up with my finger and lick it off. (Warning: I did this the other day with nacho cheese dip. I swear I meant nothing sexual by it. Just wanted to clean it off my cleavage because who wants cheese in there cleavage? Anyway, we were in mixed company and I think I gave the older guy a boner. A little awkward…) One of my favorites is bending at the waist to pick up something, sticking my buns in the air in my little tight shorts and my boobs spilling out of my top. I make sure Tracci gets a good view.

Now some of these take more effort than others but the outcome is the same. Feeling good about myself and sexy as i go about my day. It is amazing how these simple activities positively affect my mood and my day.


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