No More Intentions!

My intention is to post twice a week. Well intentions mean crap.  It ultimately means I thought about doing that but it wasn’t important enough. I am sorry my followers. I however, think you will get over your disappointment and survive a whole week without my witty opinion.


While you may forgive me for letting life get in the way of my blog, there are many things in life which need to be made a priority. I have been reflecting on my growth as an individual and how I have changed my priorities over the year.

In my younger days, I was a total goodie two shoes. Never in trouble, always had my homework done on time, and basically a self centered know it all. I stayed this way through college. It wasn’t until I met my husband that all of that changed.

The first time I skipped a class was because we were laying naked after some hot dorm room sex and I couldn’t pass up round two. I half assed a final paper so we could go eat some nasty greasy delicious gyros. Suddenly it was more important to be with him.

Now, it wasn’t like I dropped out of school to stay by his side but I changed. I made spending time with him the most important thing. I can still remember that feeling of our first few months together. I was flying.

Fast forward six years and three kids later and here we are. The kids now out rank him but he is still towards the top of my list. I want to make him happy. Whether that is making him homemade cookies, jumping him in the middle of the night, or giving him time to relax.

I think for the most part I succeed at being a good partner. It has kind of been chaotic around our place this last year and I feel like I have slipped. I intend to do cute, sexy, thoughtful gestures but don’t quite achieve the level of adornment I want too.

When my husband thinks of me I want him to not only smile because I make him happy. I want him to blush thinking of what I did to him last night. I want him rushing home for more. I want him to be able to close his eyes and feel my touch imprinted on his body.

Now, I might be shooting too high. This desire to make him obsess over me but I don’t care. I have always been an overachiever.  I have to stop intending to do things. I have to make them happen. I need to tease him during the day and sneak in those precious moments when I have him all to myself.

So here’s to making things happen! Have a great weekend 🙂

– Ena


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