People Watching


Tracci and I are people watchers. Anytime we are out in public we look for interesting and attractive people to point out to each other. Cute mom in a flowy summer dress and large sunglasses, hot college girl in way too tight jean shorts, or Tracci’s favorite, the dirty MILF all dressed up and ready to go. Every once in a while we come across I can’t believe they went out of the house in that. Zebra skinny jeans and a print shirt doesn’t really work for anyone.

I think the watching started because we were exploring what type of people we were attracted to as a couple and individually. There is a large cross sections of people who attracts us both but our tastes definitely differ. We try to pick out our favorite person of the day, which I personal suck at because I can’t remember all the good sites.
However, one person certainly made an impression on me the other day at the zoo. Younger mom, cute medium length haircut, breezy blue shirt, and fitted shorts. Nothing revealing but she had a great face and a nice body with an amazing smile. Then we walked by her and we got a back view. I felt my tummy flip as I gazed at her tattoo pink bows on the back of her thighs. Yea, hot mom was totally doing it for me.
We walked by her a second time a little while later and i had the same reaction. I tried not to stare or drool all over myself but it was difficult. I hope she knows how great she looked and how appreciative I was that our paths had crossed. She might just be my favorite of the year.



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